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I mentioned in a previous post about an approach to travel (and holidaying) that is both cost effective and would take us away from the tourist traps and predictable tourist destinations.

Well, after much deliberation we’ve signed up to, and set our profile, on Trusted House Sitters. This global community looks for people who will look after homes and pets of people who themselves are travelling, short or long term. Whether it’s a week in Vancouver looking after 18 acres, 2 horses, and 3 dogs or it’s a month in Austria and a very friendly cat. The options are there if you look for them and are flexible if you know where you’ll be and when.

For us, with our travelling still in the planning stages, we’re looking at short opportunities around based the school holidays, something to practice with and help build our profile.

It’s not only practicing the house sitting, but also the process of applying and ‘selling’ ourselves to the owners, help them understand that we’d be good house sitters and pet carers. Yes, we’ve got our own pets and home, we’ve cared for friends and family home and pets before, but it’s getting the message across to someone who doesn’t know us that they can trust us.

Yes, we’ve written our profile, and are setting up references (both personal and professional) but we don’t know how the home owners will view us. The process of applying is also really difficult, what do people look for in their house sitter? Yes, obviously someone they can trust, but what else?

Well, we’ve applied for a few house sitting gigs over the autumn half-term and christmas break. We’re looking forward to seeing new places, new people, and new pets.

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