Dread or excitement

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
Henry Miller

I don’t know which is the more dominant emotion at the moment … dread of the unknown, or excitement of the unknown?

So far it’s been a rollercoaster ride between one of the two extremes. But why? It’s not like it’s the end of the world, but for some reason it feels like it is – it’s the end of this current phase of my life, even though I plan to return to work, return to the same house and village we live in, we hope to get both boys back into the same school. It is an acknowledgment that we are about to spend a whole lot of money for little return, a lot of time and effort in planning this trip which, let’s face it, might still not happen.

Until schools are back there is nothing we can do except second-guess what they are likely to say, and until we know this we can’t really plan for when we want to leave, how long we’ll be gone for, how much money we’ll need to account for, and where we’ll be going in the time we’ve got.

Then we stare at the map we’ve got on the wall (excellent to have this, it’ll make you realise just how much of the world you haven’t seen, or even planning to see) and get excited at what it could be, what we want it to be, and what we hope it’ll be.

We haven’t told family or friends yet, that’ll come shortly as we get some plans and answers for the questions we know will come, I’ve approached my employer who is enthusiastic, but wary, of our plans.

I am hugely excited about getting out there, away from the ‘normal’ holiday type environment and mentality, and spending time in places we might ordinarily pass through or avoid altogether. If we can arrange some house sitting through websites like Trusted House Sitters or Aussie House Sitters or even House Sitters UK then we’ll be able to have a temporary (all be it more permanent than a camp site or motel) base to explore a town. There’s always the option of doing some work to help out, which we could look for on Work Away … let’s face it, there are quite a few websites out there to help us.

It all starts at home though, and this is where the emotions are running high.

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