To school, or not

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”
Lao Tzu

So, one week on from our decision to try this travelling lark, we’re having serious second thoughts.

It’s not necessarily the cost or money, although that is and will remain to be a big concern as we figure this out. It’s not necessarily the question of what to do with the house and cat we’ll leave behind. Nor is it how friends and family will react to this – those who love us will be happy for us and our adventure whether or not they agree with it. Nope. Not that. It’s not how we can keep ourselves safe and together (physically, mentally, and emotionally) either.

It’s actually to do with whtether we get any help from the school or not. If we don’t get support from the school (i.e. permission to take them out of school for an extended period of time) then we will have to take them out of the school system, effectively deregister them, and class them as home-schooled.

This isn’t so bad, we are after all planning to school them while we travel. The big downside of this is what will happen once we return.

We are (only just) outside the school catchment area and are lucky to have them at the school we do. If we take them out we’ll have to join the list to get them back in and wait for a space to be available. This could take quite a while, and even worse is that one may get back in and the other to a different school (or not at all).

Whilst we acknowledge the risks of the travel and impact in on their current schooling, especially at their current ages, this could have much more impact on them, socially and academically, if we can’t settle once we’re back.

So, how much risk do we endure beyond the risk of the travelling itself? Arghh, it’s not so simple now, is it?!

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One thought on “To school, or not

  1. I recently traveled to nicaragua & I think it’s a great opportunity, if you can afford it, to “home school” will traveling with your children. I believe everyone should travel in order to see different perspectives of life & culture. Good travels!

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